A pristine spa guarantees the ultimate bathing experience

Besides disinfection and pH value regulation, spas need from time to time additional care and cleaning for the purest bathing: from removing calcium precipitations from pool walls and pipe work, to preventing foam after switching on the jets. You can rely on a broad range of SpaTime cleaning products to ensure superior care of your spa.


Surface Cleaner

Liquid for cleaning the spa surfaces.


Unit: 1L bottle

Technical product sheet Surface Cleaner

Safety data sheet Surface Cleaner


Liquid to prevent turbid water.


Unit: 1L bottle

Technical product sheet Clarifyer

Safety data sheet Clarifyer

Anti Foam

Liquid to prevent foam formation on the water surface.


Unit: 1L bottle

Technical product sheet Anti Foam

Safety data sheet Anti Foam

Pipework Cleaner

Granules for an efficient disinfection of the pipework system.


Unit: 1kg bottle

Technical product sheet Pipework Cleaner

Safety data sheet Pipework Cleaner

Filter cleaner

Granules in sachets for cleaning filter cartridges.


Unit: 400 g carton containing 4 sachets of 100 g

Technical product sheet Filter cleaner

Safety data sheet Filter cleaner

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