Spa Care Plan

Part of the SpaTime water care concept is a practical spa care plan. This plan displays in a easy to understand manner, which treatment steps should be carried out at what time and in which frequence.

The design of the SpaTime spa care plan is as such that it can be placed right next to your spa, or next to where you keep your SpaTime water care products.

The spa care plan can be found in the download area on the the right. Or visit your specialised SpaTime dealer and ask for a printed version of the spa care plan, together with the spa care brochure. 

Your bespoke spa set

Spa water care greatly depends on the individual user preferences as well as local water quality. SpaTime can fulfil all of your requirements: your specialised dealer will be delighted to compose your bespoke spa set – to suit your needs concerning treatment method and water balance.

This ensures that all products required for optimum water care are at your fingertips and available from the start.


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